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Community Transport

Be a real life superhero - give your community a lift

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Find a service near you: search CT Online to find a community-run transport scheme near you.

What are Community Transport schemes?

There are more than 60 local schemes in Oxfordshire with 1,300 volunteers providing 25,000 journeys each year. These schemes provide

  • safe
  • accessible
  • cost-effective and
  • flexible transport

Community Transport is for people who can't drive or access public transport. It provides support in both rural and urban areas. 

Why is Community Transport important?

When people can’t drive, or access public transport they can find it hard to get around. Community transport schemes offer people access to transport, where they may otherwise have none.

Why volunteer?

By volunteering you will make an impact on real peoples’ lives every day. Volunteers take people to

  • the shops
  • health service appointments
  • local group meetings and
  • children to school

Find a service near you

Set up a Community Transport scheme

If you would like to talk to someone about setting up your own local Community Transport scheme please contact the Community First transport team.

Community Transport grants

The county council supports the development of not-for-profit community transport groups and services.

  • Grants are available for training minibus drivers to MiDAS standard. We can arrange training through our Integrated Transport Team
  • Small start-up grants of up to £1,000 are also available to help groups in the early stages of development

Contact us for more information.

Oxfordshire Local Transport Toolkit

If you identify a local transport need, this self-help toolkit (pdf format, 1Mb) should be helpful in finding a practical and effective solution.

Do you want a CT officer to address your local meeting?

We are happy to come to local meetings to talk to your community about the potential for community transport and to share information about how to set up your own local scheme*. Please email us if you are interested.

* Our attendance is dependent on resource availability.